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A New Learning Experience

Education's future is more crucial than ever. It is necessary for schools all over the world to redesign their classrooms in order to protect the wellbeing of their students and staff and to prepare for the impending conditions brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. As a partner, JCADS is here to support you so you can keep taking extra precautions to protect your staff and students and keep them happy and secure.


The Teacher Experience

For the constantly shifting academic landscape, remote learning systems are made to be flexible and scalable. Through simple interfaces, custom-programmed touchscreens, and simulation laboratories, JCADS takes the complexity out of technology so that educators can concentrate on teaching. JCADS will incorporate technologies that teachers may easily use to maximize every session, whether sessions are held entirely remotely or on campus.

Control & Interface

A user-friendly design makes it easy for students to connect and use the program to interact with their lecturer and fellow classmates. The control panel enables the instructor to take command of the space and handle the technology with ease, preserving a real-time, dynamic experience for the whole class. Analytics from the control panel capture information on how the area was used, enabling the professor and organization to plan ahead for new spaces.

Empty Classroom

Virtual Classrooms

A few features that can be quickly add to a classroom include touchscreen displays for easy content distribution, interactive whiteboards, participant walls that allow for greater communication and collaboration, cameras placed around the room to provide different perspectives of the space, ceiling microphones that deliver high-quality directional sound, and confidence monitors that let teachers see participants.

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