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The Possibilities

JCADS has been designing high-end residential environments with cutting-edge audio-visual and automation technologies for over 14 years, fostering creativity and simplicity in every home. As a team, we seek and develop chances to enhance systems, strengthen communities, and value design. We can work with you as a partner, completing each project to the best of our ability and long-term maintaining your systems.


Control or check the status of smart door locks right from your phone with a customizable door lock screen, with support for camera feeds and notifications, you can check in from anywhere at a glance.

Window Treatment

Window Treatments

The combination of modern architectural aesthetics, performance fabrics, and unmatched control interface options complements any luxury space. You never have to compromise design, no matter what stage your home is in – new construction to retrofit. 


The comfort of a space, the mood, and the overall beauty all depend heavily on lighting. The dynamic lighting solutions from JCADS illuminate your space while adjusting to your routines, schedules, activities, or the amount of light present in the space.



A simple touch interface with a background that is tinted and shows the status of the heating and cooling system. To fit your life across the seasons, create and manage schedules based on the time of day, day of the week, or day of the year.

Video Solutions

This service is one of our most popular services. We provide expert, seamless installation and integration of televisions and projectors. Let us take care of all the details making it simple, seamless, and handled in a timely manner. You are in great hands. 

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Audio Solutions

Our audio products have a solution for every room of the house. Whether it be “disappearing” soundbars designed to be heard and not seen, multi-room amps that send audio throughout every room in the home, or tiny architectural speakers that deliver a full range performance that fills the room.

Home Theater

Our solutions provide a high-speed, scalable solution that fits equally in small and large audio distribution systems. Audio down-mixing and advanced video processing enable Savant IP Video and Audio distribution solutions to deliver any video and/or audio source to any room. The decor-friendly in-ceiling speakers are available with compact, paintable round or square perforated grilles fixtures for a clean, crisp look that architects, decorators, and clients will love. Soundbars with Integrated Host are part of the IP audio product suite, allowing you to expand to include IP Micro Aperture in-ceiling speakers, subwoofers, and other distributed audio solutions.


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