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Gain Control

Control who has access to your business. See who enters and exits the building and at the exact time. No more fuss with keys and fear of keys being duplicated.

Fingerprint Access

Simplified Management

With the use of access control systems simplify managing staff identification, entrance security, and tracking. You can track all entrance and exit activities with JCADS access control systems from a single remote location. 

Improve Security 

Improve building and company site security by switching to a cloud-based access control system. Manage staff, guests, and ultimately secure your work place or business. Keep your mind at ease while always improving life safety and security of your company with a JCADS access control system. 

Digital Security System
Using Keycard


Discover a wide range of access control options to find the perfect solution for your business. Select from a biometric, RFID, or keypad access control systems that fits your unique needs and requirements.

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