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Creating Spaces That Brings People Together

Re-envision home theater. Having a location to gather with family and guests at a time when we are inundated with distractions on all of our devices has never been more crucial. JCADS works with homes to design gorgeous spaces for entertaining, and enjoying movies, music, and games, among other things. Let us turn your room into a place for fun while preserving the home's attractiveness.


Whole Home Audio

 To ensure you never miss a moment, play music, podcasts, and other media around your house. You can roam from room to room while listening to your favorite audio sources thanks to JCADS' distributed audio solutions. Or, you can play music from several sources in various locations so that each member of the family can listen to their preferred tunes. In-ceiling speakers that blend in with décor are offered with small, paintable round or square perforated grilles that match USAI lighting fixtures for a modern, polished appearance that architects, designers, and clients will adore.


Distributed Video 

Distributed video solutions from JCADS let you simultaneously stream video to several screens. Extend movies throughout the entire house. Without skipping a scene, move from the living room to the kitchen. No matter where they are, keep your party attendees entertained.


Outdoor Entertainment

Take the party outside. Your outdoor space may be outfitted with weather-resistant audio-visual solutions thanks to JCADS. Create a comfy spot for watching your favorite music, television shows, and sporting events on your patio, deck, or outdoor eating area. Our outdoor speakers produce lifelike sound and can blend into the surroundings.

Aesthetic Simplicity

Each solution has a clear, simple design that has been well thought out in terms of refinement and practicality. In order to correctly incorporate your technology into the design of your home, we make the most of the space that is available. Find cutting-edge solutions that are clutter- and cord-free. Enjoy crystal-quality sound and video across the entire house while hiding electronics both inside and outside.


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