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Connections For Everyone

A range of virtual, in-person, and hybrid meeting requirements exist in the modern workplace. Working with our partners, JCADS specializes in meeting solutions with cutting-edge conferencing, sound, and video equipment for both in-office and remote workers.

Urban Interior Design

Video Conferencing Solutions

Integrate and blend office with remote workspaces. Due to the continual flood of communications, your consumers and employees are easily distracted in the digital era. Our personalized video displays with high resolution are an eye-catching method to attract consumers to your shop, welcome clients into your office, inform customers, highlight special offers, and much more. 

Distribution and Remote Access

Utilize our conferencing technology to immediately include remote attendees in meetings with minimal hassle or delays. We combine all of our products to increase the productivity of your meetings. Stream to people and groups off-site, or distribute to several rooms inside the same school or building.

Meeting Room
Meeting at office

Dynamic Conference Room

A modern meeting experience includes more than just conferencing technology. JCADS can enhance your conference rooms with high-quality audio, smart shade, and lighting that adjusts to your needs. Deliver high-quality audio no matter the size of the room while reducing echoing and enhancing voice.


To maximize meetings across many locations, JCADS specializes in turnkey AV solutions. Our standardized solutions are simple to copy, so staff members in any location may connect using the same technology. This ensures there are no unnecessary delays during your meetings and your employees are empowered to concentrate on their output rather than technological difficulties. Additionally, technology is flexible and can expand your business.


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