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Create Safer Work Environment

Feel secure knowing that one or more cameras in your company have limited monitor access. One-stop real-time monitoring with simple connections to the majority of networks and smart devices.

Security Entrance

Remote Monitoring

High-tech CCTV cameras installed by JCADS allow you to monitor your business from where ever you are. The advanced technology alerts you to any suspicious activities within range, once you have access to a reliable internet connection.


Storage and playback are two key benefits of using CCTV cameras. JCADS CCTV cameras can provide options to store footage or data for 31 days to 3 months. The visuals stored make it much easier to identify the offenders

Security Camera Video Surveillance
Camera Installation

Peace of Mind

JCADS provides more advanced CCTV cameras that can be monitored remotely using your smartphone or tablet. With the stroke of a button, you can check in and keep an eye on your property always.

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