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The Perfect Balance of Automation & Aesthetic

The atmosphere and comfort of a home is fundamentally influenced by natural light. Similar to this, the style and texture of your window coverings influence both the overall appearance and feel of the room in addition to how much light enters the room. This is why it's crucial to choose window coverings that are simple to operate and well-suited to the surroundings. You may enjoy the ideal fusion of designer aesthetics and technology to simplify your life with automatic window coverings from JCADS.

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Effortless Comfort

JCADS provides multiple options to make your shades easy to control. Simply use your mobile device, a touchscreen remote, in-wall keypads, touchscreens, or your voice to set them just the way you want.

Expert Design and Installation

Find the ideal window treatments for your home with the assistance of JCADS's knowledgeable shading professionals. Our knowledgeable installers will take care of everything for you, from the measurements to the final installation, when you're ready to begin.

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Automated Living

Depending on how much natural light is present, JCADS automated window treatments can alter the lighting automatically. To ensure that you never forget to close the shades when on vacation or at night, you may schedule them to open and close whenever you like. Alternatively, you may configure them to follow specific routines, such as "working from home" or "dinner party," to get the lighting and ambiance you want for those activities.

Endless Possibilities

JCADS can provide you with a wide selection of fabrics to suit your demands for shading. Numerous standard, premium, or elite choices are available. The fashionable hardware has a visible design. The system conceals unattractive wires and screws, so there is no need for valances that were specifically created for it or unsightly facia. The same gorgeous hardware is used for battery-powered, wired, and manual shades, giving new construction or retrofit projects a uniform appearance.

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