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Exceptional By Design

JCADS has partnered with architects, designers, and contractors to locate and develop chances to improve commercial AV operations, workplaces, and systems. We work as a team with you to develop commercial AV solutions that will support the growth of the company and the workplace, ensuring that every investment yields the highest return. 

Closed-Circuit Television Cameras

It is important to secure your business with a system designed to ensure security. CCTV cameras will help with preventing thefts, keeping an eye on unwanted visitors strolling around the office and keeping an eye on employees, outside contractors, or property.

CCTV Camera

Access Control

In today's office environment, seamless connection is important to provide the necessary access without the headache of getting keys made. JCADS works with their clients to determine the system that best fits their needs.


It is very important to protect your business against theft and intruders. JCADS offers systems that incorporate glass break detectors, motion sensors, as well as door and window sensors that help prevent break-ins. We provide options for business owners to monitor on-site or on any device.


Digital Signage

You may have dynamic and interesting conversations with your team and clients or customers by using a variety of digital signage solutions from JCADS. We'll do our part to draw people in and spark their imaginations while illuminating your message.

Conference Room

Now more than ever office settings play a greater emphasis on effective in-person and video communication. In collaboration with our partners, JCADS creates a cutting-edge meeting and video conferencing venue, incorporating various locations.

Screen Shot 2022-11-09 at 4.46.51 PM.png

Control Systems

Our solution combines several electrical control and power system components. JCADS offers custom-designed systems and power distribution devices to satisfy the demanding requirements of the industrial and construction market.

Academic Solutions

Colleges and universities must have the requisite technology to maintain their student and faculty members full engagement in the dynamic academic environment. JCADS provides audiovisual (AV) solutions that improve hybrid, virtual, or in-person learning environments.

Video Conferencing

Unified Communication 

Fast-moving hybrid enterprises need several channels of communication, but they don't want to have to wade through a maze of various erratic platforms and gadgets. With the use of a single interface, JCADS unified communication solutions simplify these technologies.

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