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AV integration for more than a decade

JCADS is a pioneer in automation and audio-visual systems thanks to a number of differentiators. We have over a decade-long reputation for excellence, providing modern technology to businesses and homes in the tri-state region. One of the things that distinguish JCADS as a true pioneer is our distinctive approach and design.

Residential setup and integration
Having a location to gather with family and guests at a time when we are inundated with distractions on all of our devices has never been more crucial.


Since 2012, JCADS has collaborated with hundreds of clients to provide audio-visual designs and solutions. Our knowledge spans all areas of the AV integration industry including audio-visual, securityautomation, and conferencing control

Conference room A/V
Support team ready to assist.


JCADS aims to ensure that systems work as they should. We offer residential and commercial support to maximize your system longevity and performance. We are just a phone call or an email away when technical support is needed. 

Distinct Skillset

We're more than AV installers. JCADS encompasses skilled technicians, system architects, and technology experts, who are highly qualified in their respective fields. Our level of expertise allows us to spearhead projects of nearly any scale and provide our clients with an unmatched level of skill and professionalism.

Integrate all your systems into one.
Consultants with experience.

Consultation Experience

Our consultants work with you as a partner. We work closely with your designer, decorator, or architect to understand your needs and bring your dreams to possible, while also providing valuable advice along the way. We take every aspect of your space into account during our planning stage.

Schedule a Consultation

Take the first step towards enhancing the future of your business or home by setting up a consultation today,

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